Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Seg Dennison : Sports talk radio :: Turd : Rose

After attending the Reds' game last night versus the Brewers, Slut and I listened to the Reds' post-game show on WLW-700AM, Extra Innings. The usual hosts were off, probably trying to get better jobs, so the show had Seg Dennison, the "Seg-man", filling in.

As Slut mentioned in a previous blog, most sports talk radio anymore is atrocious and you get what you deserve when you listen. However, I don't think it is outside the realm of expecting too much to have a Reds post-game show that talked about the Reds, even if the callers or host wanted to bash the team, even though the Reds actually did win last night.

For the hour and a half or so that we listened to the show on the way back to our respective mothers' basements, the Seg-man spent maybe ten minutes on the Reds team. Here is the list of topics that Seg-man would rather discuss on the REDS post-game show:

Whether it was a good thing that the Reds had a $5 ticket/$1 hot dog game special for last night's game?

No you fucktard, I would rather pay the $20+ for a ticket and $4 for the hot dog. I enjoy seeing 27,000 fans dressed as empty seats. Supposedly there were 24,705 fans at the game. It definitely didn't look like it.

OK...your team is in last place in the NL Central...you just traded away Mr. Red, Ken Griffey, Jr....your team has been shitty for too long...and its a Monday night game.

The Reds want to put butts in the seats, so short of giving away tickets, $5 tickets sound pretty good to me. Plus, they still make money on a $1 hot dog!

I shutter to think what the attendance would have been if the Reds had not offered the discounted tickets and doggies.

Brewers shoving match between Prince Fielder and Manny Parra.

Yes, the shoving match between Fielder and Parra was a noteworthy topic. However, all Seg did was rehash the same bit over and over and over. Ned Yost did not give any additional insight during his news conference and so all we heard was the same information ten different ways and no one called in to talk about it either.

Red attendance versus the Nationals attendance

Seg was disgusted with Cinci fans for having less attendance at the Reds' Monday night game (24,705) compared with the attendance at the Washington Nationals' games over the weekend (~30,000), even thought the Nats are the worst team in the NL.

Well, shit for brains, let's look at why this could be:

1) Population of Washington, D.C. = 588,000; Population of Cincinnati, OH = 332,000.
2) Nationals games - Friday, Saturday and Sunday; Reds game - Monday night
3) Nationals - newer team, new stadium; Reds - shitty team, newer, plain stadium

The Nats are a lousy team this year, but as you can see above, my four-year old daughter could probably tell you why Washington had a better attendance than the Reds!

Chad Johnson

OK, the Extra Innings post-game show is a sports show, I can understand having someone call in on another sports topic. However, the topic of Chad Johnson was not what we expect out of Ocho-Cinco this season or what stunt he will pull after a TD this year. Its -

That Chad was yucking it up with the fans but still giving the press the cold shoulder!

Oh, for fucks sake.

I guess I'm spoiled being a Colts fan.


And the piece de resistance!

Cow Tipping

Yes folks, cow tipping! I'm not quite sure what that has to do with sports today, but the Seg-man spent a good three segments discussing and asking listeners to call in to discuss cow tipping.

Sadly, people from as far away as Iowa and Florida were calling in to talk about it.

So to recap last nights events, we listened to discussions on cheap tickets and hot dogs - good or bad, the Brewers mini-brawl, Reds' attendance, Chad Johnson and cow tipping.

Sigh...what a sad state the world of sports talk radio has succumbed to.

Oh, BTW, the Reds are still shitty!

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Blogger Lom Henn said...

Given the typical Cincinnati fan's knowledge of sports, talking about cow tipping is just par for the fucking sports talk course.

August 17, 2008 at 12:22 AM  

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