Thursday, July 17, 2008

Chris Hagan = Mouth Breather

Look, I know that you pretty much get what you deserve when you listen to sports talk radio. Most of it, if not all of it, sucks. Period. Whether it's Jim Rome insulting someone and showing his complete ignorance of anything having to do with actually playing a game, or Bob Kravitz and Eddie White reinforcing the Indiana stereotype of white-trash idiocy, or Mike Tirico taking 5 minutes to tell a 20 second story, we expect that going in. Sports talk radio is bad--very bad. Anyone with a brain knows this.

That being said, I should have known better than to listen to the afternoon drive show on WNDE 1260AM. Especially since the normal host, JMV, is on vacation all week. In his place, alleged sports reporter/anchor Chris Hagan from the local Fox affiliate.

Some of the wonderful items discussed on the show include how Chris used to work at a movie theater but couldn't handle the math and what Christian Bale's voice sounds like as Batman (these were in different segments). Hagan also talked about how the Fox 59 staff really was annoyed that they had to do a newscast after the All Star Game ended so late (their 10 o'clock news started at something like 1:50AM). You know: LOTS of non-sports content...on sports talk radio!

The sports content that did make it on the air was pretty weak, including a listener threatening to kill Dan Uggla for making 3 errors in the ASG. I wish I was making that part up.

What's remarkable about Hagan's performance on WNDE is that he came off as an even bigger idiot than he does on television--which is a very difficult task for anyone associated with Fox 59 News.

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Blogger Zinglebert Bembledack said...

Yes, I had the misfortune of also tuning in to hear Chris Hagan during the 6 o'clock hour last night. I tuned in after The Zone finished up on XL950 at 6. I could only tolerate about five minutes.

In the five minutes I was listening, I now find it ironic that he made reference to the fact that the phone lines were "totally" open. I guess no one wanted to talk to you, Chris, because you suck and we've all turned you off. I'm sure JMV will hear about his temp replacement and hopefully Mr. Hagan will not be back on the radio airwaves anytime soon.

July 18, 2008 at 1:54 PM  

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