Friday, June 5, 2009

Z's Picks - 6/5

OK, I a decent day going 4-2 since the Cubs/Braves game was washed out. My pick for the Cardinals and Albert Pujols to have an offensive explosion did not come to fruition, but they did beat the Reds. And my pick for the Magic to tromp the Lakers in six is looking shaky at the moment after losing by 25 last night. Oh well, that is why I am not the odds maker O'Hoolix is.

Last night: 4-2

Overall: 13-9

Cubs/Reds: Cubs -120 and over 9.5 runs - An extra night for the Cubs will aid Zambrano and change in venue to the Ohio River will help the Cubbies spill some Reds blood. Look for a three game sweep by the Cubs this weekend!

Rockies/Cardinals: Cards -175 and over 8.5 runs - So my prediction was one night off. Tonight will be the night Pujols rocks the Rockies!

Angels/Tigers - Tigers -165 and over 8.5 runs - Verlander is ready to open a can of whoop-ass on the Angels.

Brewers/Braves - Braves - 110 and under 8.0 runs - Nothing here really. Just want the Brewers to lose.

Good luck for those of you brave enough to bet!


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