Sunday, May 17, 2009

5/17 Picks

Last Picks: 3-1 (+6.00 units!)
Total NBA/MLB 33-31-1 (+.15 units)

Well, I hope all of you were on O'Hoolix's Rockets M/L pick the other night, cashing in a smooth +400. Only a lousy basket by the Magic keep O'Hoolix from a perfect night.

ROCKETS +13: I don't think they win, if for no other reason than the NBA wants KOBE v. LEBRON, but I think Houston shows up today.

MAGIC M/L +135:: O'Hoolix thinks this is where Boston's luck runs out. They have gotten extremely lucky in both series and if the Magic can get off to a good start, they have a shot here. Also, the potential Dwight Howard/Lebron showcase is too much for the NBA to pass up, the calls may go Orlando's way.

Good Luck!


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